General information


INVENT group is a large production and engineering holding with total personnel capacity of over 3000 people. 

Products of the holding are meant for enterprises of power complex. Basic infrastructure is located in INVENT Technopolis in the suburbs of Kazan. There are production sites in the cities of Kazan, Naberezhnye Chelny, Zainsk and Urussu. 


Basic areas of activities of INVENT GC include:

The business processes organization system of INVENT LLC corresponds to the ISO 9001:2008 and STO GAZPROM 9001-2006 standards. The production and quality management system of the enterprises of INVENT Group are certified in accordance with the internation standard of ISO 9001:2008, there are all necessary licences for EPC works. 

Products are manufactured using modern equipment and advanced technologies. Quality and reliability are basic priorities of INVENT group. Only highly qualified specialists work at enterprises of the group, new developments and engineering solutions are constantly introduced. 

Formation of the group was started with commissioning of electrical facilities. TatEK CJSC (Tatarstan electrical company) and UEMZ LLC (Urussu electromechanical plant) were among the first to be opened. TatEK CJSC under license of French company Schneider Electric fabricates unitized package transformer substations with a capacity of 100 to 1250 kVA. Package transformer substations (ITS) are produced at UEMZ and mainly used in energy supply to countryside localities and construction facilities with low energy consumption. 

Later INVENT GC founded its own production Technopolis in Kazan region. INVENT-Electro plant (earlier - Eltekhnika-Volga), manufacturing medium and low voltage equipment for unitized package transformer substations completed with average and low voltage cells, was among the first to be built in the territory of Technopolis. Besides, INVENT-Electro LLC has mastered manufacture of equipment, which is of great concern in energy saving. These are CRP (compensators of reacting power) (0.4 and 6(10) kV) and frequency converter control stations (FCCS). Currently INVENT-Elektro is a large electrical subdivision of the group, comprising TatEK CJSC and UEMZ LLC. 


There can be marked Tatteploizolyatsiya LLC - plant fabricating pre-insulated pipes and fittings, which are widely used in hot water pipeline laying. Products of the plant have won acknowledgment among specialists of energy systems of the Republic of Tatarstan and covered other regions of the Russian Federation (Moscow region, Ural and Siberian Federal Districts). 


Tatcable plant, the largest among the enterprises manufacturing cable and wires, created in Russia for the last 40 years from the zero stage, is also located in the territory of INVENT Technopolis. In terms of production output Tatcable ranks among the largest five Russian cable plants, and in terms of line of the products manufactured (full range of energy cables for voltage of up to 330 kV included), manufacturing technique and costs the plant has no parallel in the Russian Federation. Tatcable is a unique plant because it is the only producer of high-voltage cable for 330 kV and cable for 220 kV with wide cross-sections in Russia. This cable was imported in the territory of our country. But today Tatcable is able to provide domestic consumers with this high-tech cable and to play an important role in the import substitution program. 

 INVENT Technopolis gained appreciation of official persons who came here in different times with formal visits: Vice-premier of Russian Federation, Igor Sechin, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, Rustam Minnihanov, Moscow Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, Chairman of the Management Board of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System OJSC, Oleg Budargin, etc. 

INVENT Group comprises a large EPC subdivision called INVENT-Tekhnostroi, performing a wide range of works: infrastructural construction, construction and repairing of overhead transmission lines 100 kV and higher, power stations, substations, heating grids, oil, gas and petrochemical facilities.

Besides, the manufacturing capacities of the group are supported by the companies of the resource base. Stroikommash produces angle-tension and suspension lattice towers of power lines for 35-330 kV, cable drums, equipment and metalware for building industry. ZZMK-Timer produces metal constructions, stuffing for regenerative air heaters. RiSD renders a full range of services in road construction and surfacing, from conditioning of road bed to asphalt coat laying. Tagum is specialized in collection and recycling of ferrous and nonferrous scrap. 

INVENT Group is carrying out the work concerning development and manufacture of the power saving equipment. In 2009 INVENT Group became the winner of the review competetion in "Enery Resource Effectiveness in the Republic of Tatarstan 2006-2010" Program. 

All enterprises of INVENT Group work with a single object and development strategy. Up-to-date manufacturing and management techniques combined with synergistic effect being the result of incorporation of enterprises into group, enable INVENT to hold leading positions in the market.